Menu of Peruskenea

Traditional Navarrese food with modern touches.

Our menu

Price: 30€ per person, IVA (VAT) included (including water, wine, bread).

To begin with...

Salade gourmande de laitue aux crevettes et gambes au vinaigre de Módena     

Marinated anchovies on a bed of tuna with carrot vinaigrette and black olives          

Seasonal vegetable salad with duck delights        

Warm asparagus with poached egg and mushrooms vinaigrette        

Leek confit with goat’s cheese gratin, duck ham and nuts vinaigrette        

Iberian ham      

To continue...


Baked hake with its refried sauce

Entrecote of veal with potatoes and piquillo peppers 

Braised lamb kebab with chilindrón sauce and shepherd’s breadcrumbs

Duck leg confit with cherry sauce

Grilled duck magret        

Peppers stuffed with meat         

Axoa on potato nest     

 To end sweetly...

Cheese mousse on cocoa streusel pastry and coffee cream    

Thousand crispy sheets of whisky ice-cream cake with blackberry sauce and egg yolk cream   

Caramelized apple with ice cream     

Citrus sauteed fruit soup with yoghurt mousse



Foie (fresh liver)          20,00€

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms          20,00€

Queues de langoustines et de morues avec sa propre sauce          20,00€

Lamb ribs with potatoes and piquillo peppers          20,00€

Beef sirloin steak with potatoes and chili peppers          25,00€

Sauteed wild boar sirloin steak in a blackthorn sauce          20,00€

Sauteed wild boar sirloin steak in a blackthorn sauce          20,00€

Combined dishes: ham, txistorra, pork loin, fried food, steak, or fish       12,00€

Garnish: Fried egg, tomato, chips. Drink not included.


Sheep cheese          10,00€

Txistorra, chorizo, salami, tortilla          10,00€

Portion of fried food          10,00€

Gourmet salad          10,00€


Pork loin, txistorra, ham, tortilla          7,00€


Cider          6,00€

Txakoli          12,00€

3/8 Coto crianza          8,00€

3/8 Gran Feudo crianza          6,00€

3/8 Gran Feudo rosé          5,00€

3/8 Blanco pescador          5,00€

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