Meetings at Peruskenea

Special, innovative, and multi-purpose space to work in.


If you are looking for a special, innovative, multi-purpose space that adapts to your needs, located in a natural, unique, relaxing environment, outside the city center where you can escape to work or meet with your team. It is also an appropriate place for celebrations, meetings, company, friends, and family gatherings.

 “Don’t look for it, here you have it!”


We offer you an exclusive service, designing your space, creating, the work environment you want for your group or team, depending on the activity, needs and objectives.

A different and favorable environment to promote creativity and communication, where you can stimulate other skills and a different lifestyle.

  • Business meetings
  • Professional meetings
  • Degustation
  • Family celebrations
  • Talks and information sessions
  • Group meetings
  • Training courses and workshops

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